Welcome to 50 States Half Marathon Club™.  Often known as the 50 States Club, 50 States Running Club, or 50 States half marathon group, our challenges provide a mixture of distances to allow half marathons, marathons, half ironman triathlons, and full ironman triathlons to be included in at least one of each of our challenges. This allows runners & walkers to mix it up if they choose, and/or still finish a 50 states challenge if they progress to become a marathoner, or cut back to half marathons, an enjoyable distance to run and travel, however our niche and emphasis will remain centered around half marathons and the half marathon community.  There are other great clubs out there for those who want to "soley" focus on full marathons.  Additionally, feel free to join our half marathon running club just for the discounts and perks, or focus on 100 half marathons - club challenge of 50 States Half Marathon Club as well! That's right! We are a national Half Marathon Club also open to all you half marathoners out there that know you will never run in all 50 States, but want to be part of the Half Marathon group running community and enjoy the discounts and camaraderie of other half marathon club members, interact in our private member only groups, join our annual meet-ups, etc. Running in the USA continues to grow as a popular sport and activity, and we all love Half Marathons, so join in!

50 States HALF Marathon Challenge™


50 States Endurance Challenge™

50 States Endurance TRAIL Challenge™


100 Half Marathons Challenge™


500 Endurance Challenge™


7 Continents Endurance Challenge™


Canada Provinces Half Marathon Challenge™

In a multi-club effort to support our Veterans and those with disabilities, we do allow Hand Cycling for ALL Challenges.

100 Half Marathons Club

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100 Half Marathons
100 Half Marathons Club
100 Half Marathons
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