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Running with the Cows Half Marathon 50 Stater Pre Race Dinner Fun

Fifty States Half Marathon Club members kick off the weekend with a fun pre race dinner, ready to run the Running with the Cows Half Marathon in the morning, and celebrate Dan Roehler's 100th half marathon. Dan has been a leader of the pack, almost always in club gear, supporting the club and bringing the club banner to almost every race, interacting with members in our private club group, welcoming pretty much every member that joins the club, taking the lead on hosting pre race dinners and even house parties post race at his home on several occasions. He has easily earned great respect and friendships from across the country, and many members have traveled from afar to see him finish his 100th half marathon. A fun weekend ahead for 40 to 50 (or maybe even more?!) members of Fifty States Half Marathon Club, with Running with the Cows Half Marathon race in the morning, and a big post race party following the race, also planned by Dan and Paula. It is a true pleasure having Dan and Paul in the club.

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