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2018 Mississipppi River NEW Delta Double Down - Half Marathon in Two States in One Day - Arkansas an

There is a new half marathon double in town! If you are looking to check off 2 half marathons in one weekend, or looking to check off a half marathon in two states in one weekend trip, the Mississippi River Marathon & Half Marathon is now offering two half marathons, both with separate start lines and separate finish lines.

The Mississippi River Marathon, Half Marathon, and Delta Double is set for February 10th, 2018. Fifty States Half Marathon Club members receive a 20% discount! There will also be one FREE ENTRY given away as a door prize to EITHER half marathon at the Fifty States Half Marathon Club annual member party & awards night banquet in October, AND another FREE ENTRY given away for the Delta Double Down as a door prize as well. Members can still register early to get early bird pricing and will receive a REFUND for entry if you happen to win the free entry at our club banquet.

For more information or to register, visit the official website of the Mississippi River Marathon, Half Marathon & Delta Double Down at

Photo from 2017 Mississippi River Marathon, Half Marathon

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