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"Little did I realize that the 'faces and places' would be the real highlight of the jo

50 States Half Marathon Club member Randy Turk, from Avon Lake, Ohio, has been a member of the club since 2017. Randy recently finished both the 50 States Half Marathon Challenge and the 100 Half Marathons Challenge in 2019. Randy had an incredible 50th State in Alaska, and came home with some incredible photos.

Here is Randy's inspiration regarding his journey with the club, in his own words:

What inspired Randy to start his journey with 50 States Half Marathon Club?

"Running a half in all 50 states was something I've wanted to do since my 20's. Between work and kids, never found the time (or had the $$) to do it. My kids are grown and once I retired, I decided to go for it."

Randy's Experience with the club:

"When I started the journey, it was all about the races. Little did I realize that the 'faces and places' would be the real highlight of the journey. I've met so many great people and have seen and done so many amazing things in so many great places! Also picked up a new hobby along the way, photography. What a fantastic journey this has been."

Randy's Inspiration to all of you working on your journey or thinking about joining the journey:

"This is a great way to see the country and meet some great people along the way."

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