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What inspired me to start this journey was the challenge - Inspiration from a 2019 Award Recipient J

50 States Half Marathon Club member Jessica Johnson, from Erie, Illinois, has been a member of the club since early 2105. Jessica finished the 50 States Half Marathon Challenge in 2019, and is just getting ready to finish the 100 Half Marathons Challenge in 2 weeks, at our club's big annual meet up event race, Quad Cities Half Marathon.

Here is a little fun inspiratiion from Jessica regarding what led Jessica to the club, her experience, and her journey, in her own words:

What inspired Jessica to join the journey?

"What inspired me to start this journey was the challenge, to be able to say I ran in all 50 plus D.C. states, and now say I have ran 100 halves. Loved meeting knew people and the excitement of traveling to new places, seeing amazing things and knowing I did this."

Jessica's Journey:

"I have gotten some amazing medals (lol) out of this journey and a few walls that were once empty are now decorated with them. I have made some great friendships across the US that I wouldn’t have had, and strength- I know that if I put my mind and heart in something I can do it. It might be awful, and I might have thoughts of quitting, but ultimately I got this."

Jessica's Fun, Energetic Inspiration Note to you All:

"Enjoy the journey. Do it for you - whatever your reason is it, is a great one. You may take longer than some, and that’s okay. It is your journey. Don’t stress, have fun. Make friends. And get amazing medals!!!"

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