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A Tribute to Maureen Bowen - Rest in Peace our Dear Friend 2-29-2020

I am deeply saddened, a long time member of our club, and adored by so many, Maureen Bowen, passed away peacefully in her sleep, Saturday morning February 29th, 2020. Maureen joined 50 States Half Marathon Club way back in 2010, and her 10th anniversary with the club would have been this September 6th, 2020. If you knew Maureen personally, you would know she was a kind hearted woman with fearless ambition. Maureen completed her first 50 States Half Marathon Challenge in 2012, and finished her 100th half marathon in 2013.

In 2011, Maureen shared this video with me, and how she had lost over 100 lbs. Maureen was excited to inspire others. In November 2014, Maureen shared with me that she was having knee surgery in December of that year, and yet that never stopped her. In 2017, Maureen shared with me she had beat breast cancer (after a minor procedure in April of that year), recovered well, then in June, diagnosed with 2nd primary ovarian cancer stage 3c, went through a hysterectomy and chemo. If you think that would stop Maureen, guess again! Fearless and determined, Maureen finished her 2nd round 50 States Half Marathon Challenge in 2018!

Truly, tears come to my eyes, knowing the passion Maureen brought forth to everything in and around her life. Maureen was smart, always messaging me with questions and ideas, thoughtful, and a friend to so many. It is a significant shock to many of us that Maureen is no longer with us, and she will be extremely missed by all.

Maureen Bowen will always be in our hearts, and will always be a member of 50 States Half Marathon Club, looking down upon us, fearless, determined, with a smile we will never forget.


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