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I have gotten my life back! And, of course, lots of new friends that I consider family.

Andrew Ruffino, from Morris, New York, has been a member of 50 States Half Marathon Club since 2012. In October of 2018, Andrew completed the 50 States Half Marathon Challenge, plus D.C., as well as his 100th half marathon! Andrew received his awards at our 50 States Half Marathon Club Annual Member Party and Awards Night in fall of 2019.

Andrew was inspired to join the journey by his brother, who challenged him to "get off the couch" and get back in shape, when he weighed nearly 280 lbs. After joining 50 States Half Marathon Club, Andrew said "I have gotten my life back! Without making the changes I have, I might not even be here today." In addition, he mentioned he's gained lots of new friends that he considers family.

For those considering the journey, Andrew had these final thoughts

"I would share that anybody can complete this journey with the support of family and friends.  We all have obstacles to overcome and that made the completion of the journey even more special to me."

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