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100 Half Marathons Challenge™ 

100 Half Marathons

The 100 Half Marathons - club challenge of 50 States Half Marathon Club, is one of our primary club challenges, launched the first year the club was founded.  The 100 Half Marathons Challenge™ is as simple as it sounds.  The challenge is to complete 100 half marathons.  The event must be a 13.1 (21k) distance.  There is no time limit (take as many years as you like to finish).  Walk or run, as long as it is a half marathon.  You can work on all the other club challenges simultaneously as well.  There is no additional membership fee to work on more than one challenge.  All your half marathons count toward your 100, and can count toward other challenges like the 50 states, etc.  There is also milestone awards for every additional 100 half marathons (200 half marathons, 300 half marathons, etc.).

Frequently Asked Question

QUESTION: Can a full marathon count toward my 100 half marathons total?


Frequently Asked Question

QUESTION:  Can I count any other distances toward the 100 half marathons total, like a 25k, or a 14 miler, etc?

ANSWER:  NO, this challenge is only official 13.1 mile half marathons.  Since longer distances are not a half marathon, it would be inaccurate to call them a half marathon, thus, they will not count in the 100 Half Marathons count.

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100 Half Marathons Club

100 half marathons

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