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Desert Road

Life Membership UPGRADE

$350.00 +

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Park in the Fall

Three Years Annual Dues

$79.00 +

(online processing fee = $2.59)

Neat Desk


One Year Annual

Dues Subscription

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$27.50 +

(online processing fee = $1.15

Foggy Mountains

Ten Years Annual


$260 +

(online processing fee = $7.84)

running up staris

Two Years Annual Dues

$55.00 +

(online processing fee = $1.90)

Tying Shoelaces

One Year Annual


$27.50 +

(online processing fee = $1.15)

Running Shoes

Five Years Annual Dues

$132.50 +

(online processing fee = $4.15)

Crushing Waves

One Year Annual Dues Plus Late Fee

$27.50 +

 $10 Late Fee = $37.50

(online processing fee = $1.45)

Glowing Keyboard

Donations to the


Though the club is not a non-profit, donations are utilized to improve the club, and helps with contract labor, administrative costs, and future technology costs.

Thank you for your membership and continued support of our club, full of wonderful members.

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Fifty States Half Marathon Club

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