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50 States Half Marathon Club™ Contact Information

Contact Information for Members, Race Directors, Partners & Sponsors

Submit an Annual Discount for Club Members

Get national visibility by submitting a discount code for our running club members to use. This is for ALL running distances, triathlons, adventure or mud races, fitness related products, etc. This is a good way to get your event seen by our members. These discounts get listed in our member portal with a link to your event or product. This is NOT for short term PROMOS. This must be an all year club discount that is not also offered to the public. For all Public promos please visit our advertising pricing for social media blast.

Submit a Free Entry

Get national visibility by submitting a few free entries for our running club members to use.  Some free entries go toward our huge annual meet up Member Party and Awards Night Banquet for door prizes, and some free entries go toward other drawings I do throughout the year. These entries can generate a little fun around your race, and raise visibility.  Also we have a lot of members that like to meet at races, so if a few members win a free entry to your race, it is highly likely for more members will follow.

Advertising & Sponsorship Inquiries

If you have a creative sponsorship proposal idea (such as an advertising swap, or a sponsorship in exchange for an ad, etc), please submit your proposal with your proposed ideas laid out.  Otherwise, Ad packages can be found by clicking the green button.

Regarding Requests to Share Your Event, Non-Profit, Charity, etc 

Race Organizers:  With over 2000 half marathons, and even more "other distance" running events, please do not send us a "spread the word" email about your race unless you have submitted an annual discount for our club members to your event (we do one free shout out, to our members, for our annual discount providers. (I'm also typically pretty extra generous when I have extra time).


Race Organizers | Race Series with Multiple Events:  For large mulitple event national race series, If you would like to consider a partner logo swap on one another's website to cross promote, please email your inquiry to Nicole @ halfmarathonclub (dot) com


Charities | Fundraisers: There are about 50 x the amount of charities, non-profits, fundraisers, out there than there are races, so you can imagine the amount of email we receive. We don't spam our members with any of this. However, we may consider doing a trade, if you put our Logo on your website with link to our website, we'll add your link on our resource page.  For no logo, we charge $25 per month for a listing on our resource page. All requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. No politics.


Product:  If you are looking to promote your product, the best option is to submit an annual discount for our club members, and you'll get a link to your product in our member portal.  Another option is to provide a product as one of our raffle door prize drawings to give away at our fall annual member party & awards night.  Both options will earn an annual shout out.

Mail Information

Please do not mail us paper flyers or brochures, They end up in the RECYCLING garbage, unless you are a partner, paid for advertising,  or we have a specific cross promotion agreement.


Please consider the environment before you send mail.

Please don't send anything without notification by email first.

(if I don't recognize the sender on a package, it will likely be returned to you or thrown in the trash).

Please do NOT send paper, written out tracking documents.  Paper, written out tracking documents will not be accepted. Tracking instructions can be found in the member portal.


Fifty States Half Marathon Club


2955 New Center Point #1034


Colorado Springs, CO 80922


Right or Left Click our logo image to Save Image for upload to your blog or website, or take a screen shot of the image.  OR you can email me and I can send you a logo.  Then link to:

Logo is for utilizing on website or signage only to represent as a partner.  Unauthorized use of any of our designs or logo on merchandise or apparel is not permitted.

Club Logo Below
50 States Half Marathon Club


Nicole_with_smirk_copy-removebg-preview (8).png

Nicole (at) 50stateshalfmarathonclub (dot) com

Nicole Blomgren, Founder & President of Fifty States Half Marathon Club, started to acquire a love for running back in the mid 1980's, in high school, running the 2 mile in track and X-country, in Wisconsin.  After high school, Nicole ventured off to college, then to New Jersey and Tennessee, before enlisting in the U.S. Navy.  The Navy brought Nicole on a couple of long deployments, as well as being stationed in Little Creek, Virginia, then across the country to San Diego, California.  After leaving the Navy in 1994, Nicole resided back in Wisconsin for a short few years, then up to Minneapolis, Minnesota for her career, as well as completing a MBA, and several years toward a doctoral degree.  Nicole's love for the mountains and outdoors finally drew her out to Colorado in 2010, eventually leaving corporate America behind to run 50 States Half Marathon Club full time.  You can not put a price on doing what you love.

plane wings

Still Have Questions??

Did you read the Challenges Page, the Membership Page, the Rules & Guidelines Page, or log into the member portal before emailing your question?  I have found that 90% of the questions I receive are answered on those pages.  Thank you :)

 Nicole (at) 50stateshalfmarathonclub (dot) com 

(Please allow 48 hours for a response)
Headquarters: Colorado Springs

Office visits by appointment only

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American Owned &
USA Veteran Owned
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2175 Academy Circle STE 200-4

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Send All Mail to:

2955 New Center Point #1034

Colorado Springs, CO 80922

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