Half Marathon Club Membership Benefits
RACE EVENT DISCOUNTS - BIG discount List Sorted by State


Currently we have over 400 Half Marathon discounts, and some other distance event discounts as well, and growing. The discounts alone pay for your annual dues and thensome! Our list is too long with races constantly being removed and added to be able to update it both in our private member login where codes are and publicly, so our discount list is not available to be publicized. 





We have an annual member meet-up and awards held at a new location annually, and also many, many, smaller half marathon group meet-ups planned in our forum by members. Some of our members also run full marathons as well, so many are combined marathon runners and 1/2 marathon runners. Our online private members only Facebook Forum "Group" has become our home of most members coordinating dinner and race meet-ups, sharing their schedules, pictures and more. Great camaraderie to tackle your challenge together! Also, roomshare and rideshare as you get to know members!





Think about it! Membership is only the price of a half marathon, and we award nice gold cup trophies on a wood base, or a beautiful plaque, PERSONALLY ENGRAVED! * Nicest Awards in the Industry* AND, you can earn more than one at no extra cost or fee!! Do you even know a half marathon that personally engraves a little medal or gives a really nice trophy to every finisher? Of course not! They would probably charge over $200 per race or more if they did. And our joining fee is about the same, or even less than a lot of half marathon events. Yes, our joining fee could rise in the future, so join early in your journey!





As mentioned above, our annual meet-up, in conjunction with awards night, is held at a new location every year, where all members are invited to meet-up. This is a fun event to allow all members to meet in person from all over the US! Many members get to know one another in our private forum, and it is exciting to get everyone together in person, and always a great time!





In addition to our hundreds of running event discounts such as half marthons and marathons across the US, we also have discount deals for members on items such as:


* 20% Off ROAD ID twce per year


*  50% off Champion CSX Compression Socks, Braces & Supports


*  40% off GU Energy Products


*  15% off at Runningwarehouse.com


*  15% off JWalking Designs - Earth Friendly Fitness Fashions


* 10% off at the online store Gone For a Run - Your Gift Source for Running

... and more (found on our member discount list).





While we started out having our member forum in our logged in member forum, our private members only Facebook Forum "Group" has grown to be the most popular, which included interaction with about 90% of our members, and has been an awesome medium for fueling the camaraderie throughout our club! This is a private forum and all official half marathon club members are invited to join this forum.  We also have Google groups to utilize as an additional means of communication for things like member announcements and dinner meet ups, so those that choose not to participate in our Facebook group forum can contribute and participate in race meet ups and dinner meet ups.





In our logged in area of our member online community, you can find important club information, a list of discount codes sorted by state and type of discount, and view profiles of each member of our half marathon group / club.

There are Perks of becoming a life member of our half marathon club!  Discounts for life, no annual dues increase if we ever have one, special drawings for our life members if we receive free race entries to give to members, and no more having to pay annual dues every year!  Just select the payment option "life membership" when you join, or at your 1st year anniversary, select the life annual dues option.  Life membership option comes with a free tech shirt and a free club sticker.

FAQ: Will any of my past completed Races Count?

YES! See Rule #11 under Rules & Guidelines Page

Kids Membership Joining Fee is 50% off the Adult Membership, and $11.00 Annual dues.  At age 18, annual dues will change to the adult annual dues rate, but individual will not have to pay any additional joining fee.

In a multi-club effort to support our Veterans and those with disabilities, we do allow Hand Cycling for ALL Challenges.

General Half Marathon Club Membership

Often known as the 50 States Club, 50 States Running Club, 50 States HALF Marathon Club™, or 50 States half marathon group, our challenges provide a mixture of distances to allow half marathons, marathons, half ironman triathlons, and full ironman triathlons to be included in at least one of each of our challenges. This allows runners to mix it up if they choose, and/or still finish a 50 states challenge if they progress to become a marathoner, or cut back to half marathons, an enjoyable distance to run and travel. Additionally, feel free to join our running club as a "General Half Marathon Club Member" just for the discounts and perks! That's right! We are a national Half Marathon Club also open to all you half marathoners out there that know you will never run in all 50 States, but want to be part of the Half Marathon running community and enjoy the discounts (over 300 race discounts!) and camaraderie of other half marathon club members, interact in our private member only groups, join our annual meet-ups, etc. Running in the USA continues to grow as a popular sport and activity and we all love Half Marathons, so join in!

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