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 50 States Trail Running Challenge™ 

Frequently Asked Question

The Trail 50 States Running Challenge - club challenge of 50 States Half Marathon Club, is one of our primary club challenges, launched in 2018.  The 50 States Trail Running Challenge™ is as simple as it sounds.  The challenge is to complete a 20K or longer trail run in each of the 50 States. Any trail running event that is 20k (which is 12.437 miles), or longer, will count.  This could also be an off road triathlon, du-athlon, mud run, adventure run, or spartan event that includes a 20k or longer run portion. There is no time limit (take as many years as you like to finish).  Walk or run, as long as it is a trail race event.  You can work on all the other club challenges as well, as part of your membership!  There is no additional membership fee to work on more than one challenge.


QUESTION: Can I work on the  50 States Road Running Half Marathon Challenge as well?


Frequently Asked Question

QUESTION:  Can I count a trail 21k (half marathon) toward the regular 50 States Half Marathon Challenge?

ANSWER:  Yes, but you can only count it toward one or the other.  If you count the trail 21k (half marathon) toward your 50 State Trail Running Challenge, you would not be able to also count it toward your 50 States Half Marathon Challenge or 50 States Endurance Challenge.

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No Time Limit to Finish
No Minimums to Join
We are Walker Friendly

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