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  • 50 States Half Marathon Club

25% Discount to The Biggest Loser Run/Walk Events

Whether you are slow, or fast, The Biggest Loser Run/Walk Half marathon and various other distance events are one of the best series out there for half marathon newbies, those attempting their very 1st half marathon, and those whom truly would like to enjoy an event with full support without the pressure to make a time cut off. The events are held in many great locations across the U.S.A. to choose from. We'd like to recognize them for their high integrity of truly putting on high class events for all abilities. There is a growing number of half marathon walkers, and 1st time half marathoners, who would not be out there if it wasn't for great events like these, that are not focused on runners who can cross the finish line in a specific amount of time! Hence, we wanted to acknowledge how many lives across the running/walking half marathon community their events have truly made a difference in.

Fifty States Half Marathon Club members receive a 25% discount to The Biggest Loser Run/Walk events! Our club definitely has half marathon walkers, and I encourage you all to sign up for one of The Biggest Loser Run/Walk events!

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