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 50 States Endurance Challenge™ 

Frequently Asked Question
Half Marathon or Longer in All 50 States

Take on the 50 States Endurance Challenge™ and finish a combination of half marathons, and/or 20K or longer distance event, including a triathlon with a 20K or longer distance run, in all 50 States.


This includes a full marathon, 70.3 half Ironman distance triathlon (with 13.1 run), full Ironman (with 26.2mi run) triathlon, distances that are longer than 20K (12.4 miles), Ultra Runs, triathlons and duathlons with a run distance of 13.1 miles or longer, etc.  This is a combination of any of these specified distances, in all 50 states (plus DC optional) in the USA!  The premium awards for finishing this challenge are the same as the 50 States Half Marathon Challenge.

This change took effect in 2021.  Events prior to 2021 must be a 13.1 miles, 26.2 miles, half ironman triathlon or ironman triathlon.  All events form 2021 forward can be any event that is 20K (12.4 miles) or longer.

QUESTION: Can I work on the  50 States Trail Running  Challenge as well?


Frequently Asked Question

QUESTION:  Can I count a trail 21k (half marathon) toward the regular 50 States Half Marathon Challenge or the 50 States Endurance Challenge?

ANSWER:  Yes, but you can only count it toward one or the other.  If you count the trail 21k (half marathon) toward your 50 States Trail Running Challenge, you would not be able to also count it toward your 50 States Half Marathon Challenge or 50 States Endurance Challenge.

Frequently Asked Question

QUESTION:  Do any other distances count (such as distances in between the half and full, or distances a little over, like a 25k, or a little under)?

ANSWER:  Yes, if you completed the event in 2020 or 2021 (and going forward), all events that include a 20K (12.4 mile) race or longer will count toward the 50 States Endurance Challenge.  Events prior to 2020 must be 13.1mi, 26.2mi, half ironman, or ironman.

No Time Limit to Finish
No Minimums to Join
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