We Welcome First Time Half Marathoners - No Minimums to Join

Please Read Club Rules & Guidelines Carefully before joining



Yes! You got it! There are no minimum requirements to become a member of this club.  We welcome those training for their first half marathon. We welcome WALKERS! We are walker friendly.  We welcome those wtih disabiliteis! We allow hand cycling to support our veterans & those with disabilities.


There is no time limit or even requirement to finish our 50 States HALF Marathon Challenge™, 50 States Endurance Challenge™ or 100 Half Marathons Challenge™ in this club. Most members take their time and enjoy the journey, the friendships and the discounts. You can remain a member for life whether you finish a challenge or not. With hundreds of Race discounts (and growing) to choose from, in addition to complimentary awards, it is worth the value. All members can work on all challenges simultaneously, except the 50 states challenge is one or the other, 50 States Half Marathon Challenge OR 50 States Endurance Challenge.


YES! Some of your prior completions of half marathons, marathons, half ironmans, and ironmans may count prior to joining the club . To see how many might qualify ... Please see Rule #11 (below).


For a QUICK "overview" of our challenges and what distance counts in each challenge, visit our Challenges Page.



The Following Rules Apply:


1). A Half Marathon distance is 21,097.5 meters, which is equivalent to 13.1 miles (21k).  For a race to count toward your 50 states or 100 half marathons, it must be announced as an official Half Marathon race (or Half Ironman distance triathlon, see #4). with official means of measurement from race organization verifying 13.1 miles (or 21k typically utilized for trail half marathon measurement), of which was publicly announced as an official Half Marathon in a means of media, such as a newspaper, website, magazine, running publication, Athlinks, or race brochure and of which official verifiable results are maintained and/or published to general public. (SAVE YOUR OFFICIAL RACE NUMBERS FOR VERIFICATION, though we are working to streamline the verification process to make it easy as possible). ** WE WILL ACCEPT A FULL 26.2 MARATHON TOWARD THE 50 STATES ENDURANCE CHALLENGE, BUT NOT TOWARD THE 100 HALF MARATHON CHALLENGE ** Marathons do not count as half marathons. Also a half marathon must be a good faith 13.1 mile measurement.  It does not need to be USATF Certified, but it must be a good faith measurement . Distances that count toward each challenge can be found on the Challenges page.


2). The Half Marathon (or marathon) event, or any other distances that are specified for Fifty States Half Marathon Club challenges, must be an official event with a race director with means to certify runner’s completion of the half marathon (or marathon) distance [or other specified distances], with a minimum of 20 starters and minimum of 15 finishers. (Any exception requests need to be officially requested in writing via email to Nicole (at) 50stateshalfmarathonclub (dot) com.


VIRTUAL EVENTS DO NOT QUALIFY OR COUNT TOWARD ANY CHALLENGES (Except approved military overseas runners that are affiliated with a legitimate non-virtual race hosting a virtual event for military, may be approved on a case by case basis toward 100 half marathons).


Exception to the 20 Starter rule: The following races will be accepted by members, regardless of how many start and finish, Mainly Marathons race series (national), Deb Montgomery race series (GA), Savage Racing New England Challenge race series, Charlie Alewine Racing race series, Better World Running races (CA), and Dead Running race series (NM). If you are worried about the attendance being low for a particular race, please contact Nicole, Club President, for pre-approval, or post approval. 

Same Day Doubles: A timing mat, separating a 26.2 mile event, does not count as a half marathon.  If an event puts on a double, calling it two half marathons, the 2nd half marathon must have a hard "stop" and an official start where all participants start at the same time for the 2nd half marathon.  Having 2 timing mats for a finish, and another start (where individuals are startng a 2nd half on their own), is still a 26.2 mile race and not 2 half marathons.


Races or Race Series Not Accepted:  I Ran Marathon race series races (TX) are not accepted. [Official members that have been a member prior to 2016 may have races grandfathered in that took place 2016 or prior].  Road to 50 Race Series and/or any races ever put on by that group, will never be accepted, due to extremely unethical acts of behavior toward multiple organizations in the running industry. 


FAQ: What if a specific race calls their event a half marathon, but the distance is stated as a different distance (for example 12.5 miles, or 13.5 miles, or 14 miles, 13 miles, 13.3), will the race count toward a half?


Answer: No.  If the race calls their event a half, but is not stating their distance as a 13.1mile race, it does not count.  It is not a half marathon whether they want to mislead runners and call their race that or not.  HOWEVER, if a race presents their race as 13.1 miles (21k) and a runner's GPS comes up different, due to a normal margin of error (both road and trail are always going to have a margin of error depending on the footing of a runner), this is normal, and acceptable.  It is the responsibility of the participant to check the stated distance (especially for small races and trail races), if the runner/walker wants to ensure it counts toward our club challenges.


Weather:  Unfortunately if a race is cut short due to weather, it will not count.  This is just the nature of the journey, and is bound to happen once or twice throughout each person's journey.  Reasoning? Including other distances delegitimicizes the completion of an official "half marathon" challenge.


3). A Half Marathon (or marathon) must be run (or walked) without interruption.  Multi-day events to finish one Half Marathon (or marathon) distance does not constitute as an official Half Marathon (or full marathon) that would apply toward a finish for a state. Walkers qualify as long as the race is completed within the guidelines of the official event and comply with all other rules & guidelines set forth. Two separate events that equal a total of 13.1 miles will not count.


4). A Half Marathon portion of a triathlon that has an official half marathon built into the distance, such as a Long Course with a 13.1 mile finish or an official Half Ironman with a 13.1 mile finish, may be counted as a Half Marathon. The same rules apply as in 1 through 3 (official event, race director, verifiable results, etc). (Full Ironman can also count toward the 50 States Enduracne Challenge™)


5). To officially earn a completion of a half marathon (or marathon), you must officially complete the race.  Not finishing a race or being disqualified from a race does not qualify as completing a Half Marathon (or marathon) or Half Iron distance triathlon, therefore will not constitute as a race completion for that state or toward your 100 half marathons challenge. You must receive an official finish time for an event to count; hence, do not choose a race that has a course cut off time or pace cut off that you can not obtain.  If you are looking for walker friendly half marathons, Half Marathon Calendar USA www.halfmarathonsearch.com is a great reference to find walker friendly half marathons.


6). Multiple States in One Race: Running a Half Marathon (or other qualified event) that crosses borders of more than one state will only count as ONE STATE per race, and can only be the location of which the event started or finished. 


7). Relays & Splits: Relays will not count, unless the individual ran an official 13.1 mile individually timed half marathon (with an official timed start line and and timed finish line for both participants in which both names are listed in the results with individual times), and it is a non-interrupted race.  Relays such as Ragnar Relays or Hood to Coast will not be considered, as they are not run without interruption. We WILL count a 13.1 mile race if you we're the runner in a half ironman relay, or the 26.2mi in an Ironman relay, as each of those are a run without interruption and have an official individual start line and finish line for 13.1 and 26.2 mile distance. SPLITS from another distance race do not count.  A half marathon split from a full marathon race distance does not count as a half marathon. Splits do not count. Running two consecutive half marathons does not count.  All participants must start at the same time.


8). Non-registered participants that are coaching, pacing, guiding, may not count the event unless they are officially registered in the race with their own race number.


9). Verification & Documentation: For verification purposes, please ensure you retain documentation from each race you finish.  Accepted verification materials can be any of the following: 1) Finisher’s certificate; 2) published event results in an “official” media, or official online race results.  More detailed "official tracking" instructions will be emailed to you when you join.  DON'T STRESS OUT.  I'll work with each of you and can assist you after you join the club.  Many of your results, by the way, can be found at Athlinks.com (which includes your bib# and your full result).  This is an acceptable reference for your result proof.


10). Earning an Award: To receive an award for completing the 50 States HALF Marathon Challenge™, 50 States Endurance Challenge™ or the 100 Half Marathons Challenge™, 500 Endurance Challenge™, or 7 Continents Endurance Challenge™, one must be a Fifty States HALF Marathon Club member in good standing at the time of completion of the states. To receive a 2nd award of finishing one of the 50 States Challenges a 2nd time around, one must also be in good standing at the time of completion. The 100 Half Marathons Challenge is a one time award, and starting in 2017, Fifty States Half Marathon Club started awarding nice milestone awards for 200, 300, 400 half marathons, etc. Members can also work toward the 500 Endurance Challenge following the 100. Either of our 50 States Challenges can repeated again, under the following conditions: [For those starting a NEW round of 50 States: If you start from scratch (starting any date AFTER you finished your 1st round), you will qualify for another trophy or plaque.  If you are counting states you completed more than once prior to finishing your 1st 50 States round, as of 2017, Fifty States Half Marathon Club is now awarding a nice milestone award for that 2nd round.]  At this time, ALL awards are complimentary as part of membership [subject to rule #11 below] (even 2nd rounds, milestones, and yes more than one challenge).  This is evaluatated on a yearly basis.  All members can work on ALL challenges.


11). IMPORTANT:  There are NO Minimum Half Marathon Completions to join, however to receive the COMPLIMENTARY AWARDS Members must finish, as a member, a MINIMUM of 25 states WHILE IN MEMBER STATUS (of the 50 TOTAL) for either of the 50 State Challenges, and/or their last 50 HALFS (of the 100 TOTAL) for the 100 Half Marathons Challenge™ while in membership status AND be in current good standing when completing the 50th state or 100th Half Marathon, to obtain complimentary final award . This means you want to join BEFORE you hit 25 states, and BEFORE you reach 50 HALFS of the 100 Challenge (the earlier you join in the journey the better, as you will have discounts to use along your journey). (SEE EXCEPTION WAIVER BELOW).  To be eligible for the complimentary 7 Continents Endurance Challenge award: you must "finish" the challenge while you are currently a member, and must complete at least 3 of the 7 races while in membership status, OR complete one 3 year annual dues renewal, OR have been a member of Fifty States Half Marathon Club for at minimum 2 years prior to finishing.


Since we are a running club and not a trophy store: .... Members who do not meet the above criteria, or members who may have finished all 50 states or 100 half marathons (or any other challenge) prior to joining Fifty States HALF Marathon Club, may follow the "Waiver Exceptions Policy" below, OR purchase a Fifty States HALF Marathon Club 50 state finisher award or 100 Half Marathons award for $85 plus shipping and handling, though you must still become a member first). However awards are still only ordered and presented once per year (presented or shipped out in Sept, Oct, or Nov each year, after our annual awards night. Members are responsible for shipping cost if they do not attend awards night).




For those that are ALREADY past 25 states (of 50) prior to becoming a member OR for those that already completed MORE than 50 Half Marathons (toward the 100 half marathons challenge) prior to becoming a member, where you are therefore unable to finish the minimum of 25 of your states while in member status, we WILL make a special EXCEPTION and will WAIVE the rule of these members having to PURCHASE a trophy IF MEMBER JOINS CLUB AND THEN IMMEDIATELY VISITS OUR ANNUAL DUES PAGE AFTER BECOMING A MEMBER AND PAYS FOR 3 year annual dues renewal, 5 year annual dues renewal, or Lifetime annual dues renewal at our club online store. You must first go through the general "Join Membership" process first. Member will then be eligible for all complimentary awards under the following Waiver rules:


 A:  * If you are between 51 to 85 (of 100 halfs) AND between 26 to 40 (of 50 States) and follow directions above, you will be eligible for waiver to receive BOTH trophies complimentary [with the additional 3 year annual dues renewal or longer. Renewal must be purchased same week of becoming a member for waiver to be accepted].


 B: * If you are at 86 Halfs complete or above (of your 100 half marathons) OR 41 or above (toward your 50 states) AND over the 25 of 50 States threshold or over 50 of 100 half marathons for the other challenge as well, you will be eligible for waiver to receive BOTH trophies complimentary [with the addition 5 year annual dues renewal or longer. Renewal must be purchased same week of becoming a member for waiver to be accepted].


 C: * If you are above the threshold of 25 (of 50 states) OR 50 (of 100 half marathons) ONLY FOR ONE Challenge, and under the threshold for one of the challenges, you will be eligible for waiver for that challenge [with the additional 3 year annual dues renewal or longer. Renewal must be purchased same week of becoming a member for waiver to be accepted].


But don't fret over 3 or 5 years of membership! :) Our members are awesome, our annual meet ups are fun, and our half marathon discount list is large .... and growing! You won't want to leave us anyway! ;)


If you completed a challenge prior to joining the club, unfortunatley there is no waiver offered for prior challenge completions. You may purchase a trophy for prior completions if you choose, but you must be a member to do so.


If you have a special scenario, please email me for review & consideration.


If this is confusing to you, please feel free to reach out to Nicole (@) 50stateshalfmarathonclub (dot) com.


With annual dues being only $24.00 each year, your savings from the discounts provided for many races, can well over pay for your annual dues, plus save you money annually, if you run more than a couple half marathons each year. Hence, it is a benefit to join earlier, than later. There is no benefit of waiting until later along your journey. Fifty States maintains a hefty discount list sorted by state.


12). TRACKING AND REQUIRED TO RECEIVE AN AWARD: Official tracking instructions email is sent to each new member after joining.  If you misplaced your official tracking instructions, please send an email requesting details be resent.


Unfortunately, we do NOT provide any services to NON-members.  You must be a member to receive or purchase an award. Special requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing to the President of Fifty States HALF Marathon Club for consideration and approval.






Complimentary awards are ordered on an annual basis, once verification process is complete. Our present award for 50 State Challenge completions and 100 Half Marathons Challenge™ completion consists of a very nice Gold Cup trophy on a wood base, personally engraved with your name and challenge on it, or a beautiful wood plaque.  ALL AWARDS ARE PRESENTED AT OUR ANNUAL MEMBER PARTY & AWARDS NIGHT MEET UP AT A NEW DESTINATION ANNUALLY. Since we are a club, we would like to encourage all members finishing a challenge to truly try to make it to our awards night for your special accomplishment. For members who earned an award and can not attend the annual meet up & awards night to receive your award, here are your options:


1) For existing members only, I could give the award at our annual meet up to another member who lives near you that may be attending, if they could be willing to travel with it. (only for members that are still members of our club at the time of awards). This only applies if I am driving to annual meet up, and not flying and shipping all the awards.


2) If you are going to be in Colorado at all, you could arrange to meet me to receive it (Colorado Springs vicinity) or have a friend pick it up.


3) For existing members only, you could arrange for another member who is planning to do a race you have scheduled, to pick it up at the annual meet up and then bring it to that race. (I can help you with this if you send me your race schedule that you have planned post annual meet up). [only for memers that are still members of our club at time of awards]. Again, this is if I drive to annual meet up.


4) You could pay for shipping (USPS or FedEx), subject to current shipping rates (all awards are shipped after annual awards night).


Please send checks to: Fifty States Half Marathon Club, PO Box 75964, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80970.




Rules, guidelines, prices, procedures, challenges, benefits and discounts are subject to change at anytime at discretion of Fifty States HALF Marathon Club LLC.  Administrative membership fee is non-refundable.



Membership Benefits


* Please See Home Page for Member Benefits


* Benefits, annual dues and costs of Membership may change at the discretion of the Fifty States Half Marathon Club™ LLC.


* The one time initial administrative fee is non-refundable. No Exceptions.


* Annual dues is due every year from the date you join. First year annual dues is included in your joining fee. Annual dues is currently $24.  Annual dues has only been increased once in over 9 years.

It is our sole intention to try to keep membership and all other costs cost effective for our members and make this the best club we can for all Half Marathoners.


Past Due Annual Dues:  Members not on the membership subscription auto-renewal via Paypal (which connects with our membership system) are responsible for paying annual dues on time, on or before annual dues renewal date each year.  Members who fail to pay on time will be assessed a $8.00 late fee. Member annual dues renewal dates can be found in our member portal, by logging in.  Please mark your annual dues renewal date on your calendar.  We highly suggest setting up an online calendar reminder a week or two before your due date.  If your due date is around a Holiday and you tend to get busy around this time, please set your reminder up to pay earlier in the month. If your deploying or traveling with no computer access, please pay in advance.



DISCLAIMER:  When you become a member of Fifty States Half Marathon Club LLC, you waive and release Fifty States Half Marathon Club LLC, its members, Partners, and Sponsors, of all claims and/or liabilities of any kind, including, but not limited to, participation in all training, membership activities, running events, such as marathons, half marathons, etc, and all group meet-ups. When you become a member, you accept responsibility for all, and not limited to, injuries, illness and any other mishaps affiliated with running or activities involved in club membership. Participation is at your own risk. For all members who file a dispute for the initial one time non-refundable membership fee (with Paypal, credit card company, etc), your member privileges and account will be immediately suspended. However due to the information you gained access to by becoming a member and proprietary tracking information provided, the one time initial administrative fee is non-refundable. No Exceptions.


Fifty States Half Marathon Club LLC reserves the right to suspend or terminate any member's membership without notice and without refund, for actions such as, but not limited to, rude or disrespectful actions or behavior toward owner, staff or members, cheating or cutting a course in a race, and/or breaking any club rules. If a member has a problem, they can reach out to a club officer privately to resolve maturely.  Instigating drama in a club forum is not acceptable.  Fifty States Half Marathon Club™ promotes a positive and fun club experience for all.

Club Logos and/or club designs can be utilized on a partner website, member blog or signage only.  Unauthorized use of any of our designs, logos, or the 50 States Half Marathon Clubbusiness name on merchandise or apparel is not permitted. This could reult in immediate membership termination, at club officer discretion.

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