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7 Continents Endurance Challenge™ 

Run the World on All 7 Continents

Take on the 7 Continents Endurance Challenge™, running and traveling the world!  Finish a half marathon or longer on each of the 7 Continents!  Finishers receive a special personally engraved award with a globe, or the continents represented on such.  Challenge yourself to a road running event, trail running event, or a triathlon with a 13.1 mile run or longer.

7 Continents 2019 award full view.JPG
Frequently Asked Question

QUESTION: Can I work on the  the other challenges as well?


Frequently Asked Question

QUESTION:  Can I count events I completed prior to joining the club?

ANSWER:  Yes, but rule #11 will apply, unless you complete half of the continents as a member.

No Time Limit to Finish
No Minimums to Join
We are Walker Friendly

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