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  • 50 States Half Marathon Club

NEW 50 States Endurance TRAIL CHALLENGE (20k or longer) - for True Trail Runners!

Announcing the Fifty States Half Marathon Club NEW 50 States Endurance Trail Challenge! This challenge is for true single track trail runs that are 20k or longer in distance. Run a true single track trail run, 20k or longer, in all 50 States! Since there are so may awesome trail runs out there SO close in distance to a half marathon or longer, and with trail runs being more difficult to measure, this challenge will alllow true trail runners to not fret over a little less, or a little more than a 21k (half marathon). Any true single track trail, race starting at 20k or longer (21k, 25k, 50k, Ultra trail runs, you name it, they will count.

ALL RACES COUNTED TOWARD THIS CHALLENGE, CAN NOT COUNT TOWARD ANY OTHER 50 STATES CHALLENGES. Hence, if you run a true 21k (half marathon distance), you would need to choose if you want it to count toward this challenge, or your 50 States Half Marathon Challenge.

No gravel trail events, and no paved trail events count toward this challenge. It must be a real, true, dirt trail run.

So, if you have run a 20k or longer, trail run, and couldn't count it toward your 50 States Half Marathon Challenge because it wasn't exactly a 21k half marathon distance, you now can check those off on this new challenge!


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