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Running for Health - Inspiration from a 2019 Award Recipient Jill Crawford

Jill Crawford, currently residing in Knoxville, Tennessee, joined 50 States Half Marathon Club in 2013. Jill completed the 50 States Endurance Challenge in 2019 (a combination of marathons and half marathons in all 50 States).

Jill Crawford's personal story of her journey toward 50 States

"In 2009 I found myself weighing 180 pounds brought on by life stresses such as getting Bells Palsy, college graduations, a daughter’s wedding, and having to sell a house and move across country. Since I have asthma, it was very bad for my lungs and heart to weigh so much. I vowed to run my first marathon as soon as I turned 50, on December 12 2011. In order to do that I had to run my first 10k and my first half marathon. My first half marathon was in CDA ID Memorial Day weekend 2011. My first marathon was Maui Oceanfront Marathon Jan 2012. Thus, my 50 state quest was born. My final race, toward 50 States, was Rockin Brews Half Marathon in Madison WI Labor Day weekend 2019.

My inspiration to run came from my husband Scott who had been an endurance runner since the 1990s and was talked into running all the 50 states when he met another runner at the Portland Marathon in 2008. I’ve met so many people and seen and learned about so many things in all the states by having run them, rather than just passing through them."

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