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The "Question" about Virtual Half Marathons and Events

Dear Members, I've had the daily email rolling in asking if a virtual half marathon would count toward a challenge. Unfortunately no, virtual events still will not count at this time. There is no current plan to restructure the challenges, rules & guidelines. If a year goes by and there are still major issues, affecting the half marathon industry, I'd then have to review and possibly restructure everything in a fair, well thought out manner; but, I'm pretty confident this will get under control.

There has never been any requirement to rush to complete goals/challenges in our club, so I'm just encouraging members to take a break, take the spring / summer off, stay healthy, enjoy some time at home, and don't stress out. For canceled events, take the refunds or deferrals for next year instead of virtual options. Trials are underway in testing vaccines for this, so hopefully this will just be one of the crazy years we look back on in life.

Please, self quarantine for the next month as much as you can, to contribute to getting this under control in the U.S. You can carry it and spread it and not even know it. This shall pass. Stay positive. Wishing all the best to you and your families. I hope everyone is doing ok out there.

Kindest Regards, Nicole Blomgren Founder & President 50 States HALF Marathon Club


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