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  • 50 States Half Marathon Club

"One thing led to another and before I knew it, I had completed all 50 states" - Inspirati

50 States Half Marathon Club member Lisa Schamus, from Phoenix, Arizona, finished the 50 States Endurance Challenge in 2019 (a combination of half marathons and marathons in all 50 states). Here is a little inspiration from Lisa, in her own words:

What inspired Lisa to join the journey?

"When I started this journey I had no idea it was going to lead me to all 50 states. I started with my first half marathon (in 2006) because I had a small child at home with lots of health and behavior problems and I needed some 'me time' - time where I could step away. I chose running becuase I have always loved being in motion. Ironically, I often feel like when I am in motion, I don't need to be 'doing' or 'accomplishing' anything. Which is perhaps why, when non-running friends act astonished at such an 'accomplishment', I feel confused."

"In April, 2017, I drove across country to start a new job. It just so happened that Mainly Marathon's River Boat Series was along the way and, with three states to my name at the time, I started my real journey to 50. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I had completed all 50 states."

Lisa's experience and inspiratin she'd like to share:

"What I have learned along the way is that I love this community. I love the promise and anticipation of the start line and the satisfaction of the finish line. I love that every post race meal tastes like the best meal ever.

The journey has brought me to a place where I have done full marathons in five states and half marathons in the other 45. And, that means that I now need to do full marathons in the 45 states and half marathons in the states where I haven't done them yet. Journey on!"

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